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Beijing Zhaoqing Fang Atmospheric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is a branch of Zhaoqing Fang Atmospheric Power Co., Ltd. in North China. The predecessor of Zhaoqing Fangda Co., Ltd. is Zhaoqing Pneumatic Components General Factory, which was founded in 1975 and is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic components designated by the state. In 1995, it was restructured into Zhaoqing Fangfang Atmospheric Motion Co., Ltd. The head office of the company is a limited liability company controlled by the state and staffed by employees. Main pneumatic components production and sales services. Beijing Zhaoqing Fangda has more than 60 employees, covering an area of 24 mu. Zhaoqing Fangda passed ISO quality assurance system certification in 1999. In the same year, "Fangda" brand pneumatic components were recognized as "Guangdong famous brand products".

As a branch company in North China, Beijing Fangda adheres to the company's quality policy of "starting a business with high quality, innovative development and sincere service". The company sells products, key parts and components are processed by CNC equipment or imported original parts, and strives to improve product quality, reliability and durability.

Our company's production, operation and financial management are all connected by computer network, which realizes office automation.

The company's service purpose is to ensure the credibility of the first, to ensure the rights and interests of consumers, all products after leaving the factory tracking service, to ensure that products to the hands of users can be used at ease, such as product quality issues, the company assumes relevant responsibilities, welcome to contact guidance.


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